German Youth, 1918-1945. Life Stories Highlighted

Karl and his mother Gertrude Hirschland, from

A recently posted project of life histories of German youth who grew up during National Socialism features the story of our cousin, Charles Hannam, nee Karl Hirschland. We previously told Charles’ story here and here.

The German Youth site is in German, but is roughly  translated by Google through using the Chrome browser.  Here is the full link to cut and paste into Chrome.

The Youth site itself is worth browsing for the heartrending stories of other young people in Germany from World War I through World War II.

Much thanks to Fabio for this link, whose contemporary photos of Essen are featured here.


2 thoughts on “German Youth, 1918-1945. Life Stories Highlighted

  1. Simon Hirschland wrote a letter of recommendation for my grandfather – Hugo Moses – who worked for Mr. HIrschland as a foreign exchange dealer from January 1, 1921 through March 31, 1939. It’s quite a remarkable letter. I’d be interested in learning more about the Hirschland descendants. I live in New York City with my wife and children.

  2. Norbert Fabisch - Dingerkusweg 20, 45239 Essen - Germany

    Dear Mr. Moses,

    I found your message on the pages of the Hirschland Family Blog. I wrote a book about the Hirschland family in Essen. It will be published next summer by Hentrich & Hentrich. In it you will find a chapter about the family’s initiatives to help employees and acquaintances to flee abroad. I found the name of her ancestor on various lists of support payments to employees. If you are interested, I can send you an excerpt from the book in English translation.

    With best regards

    Norbert Fabisch

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