Mystery Hirschlands

1865 Emigrants

Our research left some loose ends, and raises the question about whether the Steinham Hirschlands are the only ones who adopted this name. We have two clues: one of a group of Baptisms near Berlin in the late 18th century and another of a group of Hirschlands who emigrated to the US in 1865. We can’t seem to trace either one to the Steinham family, which leads us to believe that the name may have been used by others. We are looking for answers.

Here is the evidence:

In 1865, Samuel Hirschland and his family, and possibly a couple of nephews came to the United States from Breman.

This list is from the National Archives. On reviewing this list, Daniel Kester noted “As for the towns listed there, they all don’t exist as spelled. Linghofen could be Singhofen, Oberwiesse is probably Oberwiesen, Hahnstadt might be Hahnstätten. These names were probably all scanned and poorly read. These towns are all in the region of Wiesbaden/Mainz. So it looks like there may have been other Hirschlands around after all!”

We have found a mid-west Hirschland family in 1900 census records. We have not connected this family to ours, and Daniel is reasonably certain he has all the early Hirschlands. I have summarized the information below, and would love to hear from anyone who has further information about this family.

Charles Hirschland b. Jan 1841 Germany, emigrated: 1956 (probably typo for 1865)  1900 Springfield City, MO
m.  1870
Bertha Hirschland b. 3/1843 Germany,  emigrated: 1965  1900 Springfield City, MO

     Child: Gus Hirschland b. 1/1874 Ohio,  1900 Springfield City, MO, 1930 St. Louis, MO
m. 1898
Harriett Hirschland b. 8/1873,  1900 Springfield City, MO, 1930 St. Louis, MO

          G-child:  Miriam Hirschland b. 11/1899 MO, 1900 Springfield City, MO

Child: Ben J Hirschland b. 3/1876 Ohio, 1900 Springfield City, MO,  1930 St. Louis, MO

Benj Hirschland b. Aug 1851 Germany,  emigrated 1865,  1900 Des Moines City, Iowa, 1930, OK City, OK
m. 1891
Nora Hirschland, b. 7/ 1865, Indiana

     Child: Minnie H. Hirschland, b. Aug. 1891, MO   1900 Des Moines City, Iowa

Although the names of the emigrants are different from those on the Census, there is a good chance that the emigrants’ names were either changed by officials or by themselves. This has happened more than once in our family.

Late 1700’s

In addition, there appears to be a family in the late 18th century (well before our Hirschlands) who live in the Frankfurt area, and another in the Berlin area. These families have no apparent connection besides time and place. This information comes from Church records, and since the start of this information pre-dates our family’s adoption of the name Hirschland, we believe they are an unrelated, Christian, Hirschland family. Please note that there are some breaks in this information, but I have tried to group the information as reasonable by time and place.

Maria Barbara Hirschland ~~ Lippstadt, DE

m. Johannes Frederichs

     Child: Catharina Frederichs b. 8/5/1770

 Anna Maria Hirschland  ~~~ Frankfurt Oder

m. Georg Kasum

     Child: Johan Georg Kasum christened 9/5/1780

Maria Hirschland  ~~ Frankfurt Oder

m. Patronimus Kasum

     Child  Friederique Wilhelmine Henriette Kasum  b. 5/28/1788


From the general area of Berlin/Brandenburg

Johann Hirschland ~~~ Lubben  b. 1795 d. 4/16/1876

m. Johanna Marie Hirschland   ~~~Lubben  b.1796  d. 12/10/1876

Johann Carl Hirschland ~~ Berlin

m. Sophia Starow

     Child: Johann Friedrich Hirschland   christened 8/18/1811

Johann Michael Assmann

m. Anna Charlotte Hirschland

Child: Pauline Louise Assmann  christened 4/13/1817, d. 4/30/1820



Gottfrd Hirschland

     Child:   Johann Gottlob  (Gottlieb?) Hirschland b. 1800  ~~~~ Sorau 

m. 10/6/1829

Johanne Christiane Theurichin b. 1800  d. 8/30/1860

          Child: Christiane Ernestina Hirschland  christening 11/29/1829 ~ Sorau d. 25 Jan 1865~Berlin

m. Johann Friedrich Schulz

                    G-Child: Anna Ernestine Schulz b, 7/6/1862 ~~Berlin

                    G-Child:   Schulz  d. 4/17/1864  ~~ Berlin

          Child:    Caroline Auguste Hirschland  b. 7/17/1833 ~~ Sorau

          Child:   Johanne Caroline Hirschland  b. 1837  .. d 11/14/1857 ~~~ Sorau … (father listed as Goh. Gottlob Hirschland)

          ???????? Child: Joh. Auguste Hirschland (relationship extrapolated from date and place)

                   G-Child   Carl Wilhelm Hirschland   christening 2/22/1857 ~~~~ Sorau.

Friedrich August Richard Hirschland (No documents connecting to Gottfrd) 1868 Berlin


Mathilde Auguste Marie Waschke

Child:  Frieda Auguste Amalie Hirschland christened 1/19/1868 Berlin

Relationship interrupted…..
Fathers:    Johann Hirschland  & Wilhelm Leonhardt           

Ernst Magister Hirschland

m (4/10/1871 Lübben, Brandenburg)

Wilhelmine Ernestine Marie Leonhardt (1849-10/4/1885)

     Child:  Wilhelm Ernst Hirschland b. 3/7/1872 Brandenburg

     Child:  Oskar Wilhelm Hirschland b. 4/14/1873 Brandenburg  

     Child:  Paul Max Hirschland b. 5/24/1874 Brandenburg  

     Child:  Friedrich Paul Hirschland b. 4/8/1877 Brandenburg  

     Child:  Pauline Marie Hirschland b 4/1/1879 Brandenburg

     Child:  Martha Anna Hirschland b 4/1/1879 Brandenburg


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