Last updated Jan. 19, 2011

The Definitive Hirschland Family Tree — created by Daniel Kester with the help of many members of our family. Posted 12/13/10 — Our on-line family tree.

Die Familie Hirschland — The 39-page family tree last updated in the 1930s. A major resource for our research. Warning: big download.

A History of Hirschlands in Essen — translation of a 1980 history by Hermann Schroeter.

The History and Fate of the Jews of Essen: A Memorial book to fellow Jewish citizens of the city of Essen , by Dr. Hermann Schröter (circa 1984), — obtained from the Alte Synagogue in Essen, and translation arranged by Richard Hirschland.

Expanded translation of Schroter article — sent in by Edward Hirschland.

Map of Hirschland Platz and modern day photos of the Hirschland Bank, which has been turned into part of a department store. (Scroll down for these.)

Hirschland Family Tree prepared by Henry — as of about 2002, Isaac Hirschland branch only.

PA Hirshland Family Tree circa 1992

Margot’s Story — Letters written to the Alte Synagogue in Essen about Margot’s Life in Essen and after. Auf Deustch

Daniel Kester’s genealogy site — Daniel has done extensive work on Jewish Genealogy and is starting to get back into the Hirschlands. He has a brief mention of the Hirschlands of Essen on this page. I thank him for all the help he has given me.

Travel Blog of Daniel Aufhauser to Essen.

Ellis Island — (free manifests) Though it is important to remember that not everyone arriving in the US went through Ellis Island. — some materials available for free.

Center for Jewish History — a number of Hirschland related materials have been donated here.

Hirschland in Suetterlinirschland in Suetterlin Script

Read Suetterlin — Ever try to read that old German script? It is an essential skill if one is to research old German documents. You can see your name in Suetterlin on this site. Here is a family birth certificate, if you would like to try your translation skills. (With thanks to Manual Hirschland for this.)

The National Archives (Britain) — Did your family go through Britain? There may be archives here. — the Jewish version of other online family tree resources.

Leo Baeck Institute — for the study of the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry.

Yad Vashem — The central database of Shoah victims’ names.


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