Reunion possiblities

Hirschland Family circa 1870. Isaac Hirschland highlighted? (Possibly Isaac's and Heniette's 50th Anniversary.)

Since I sent an email out to family yesterday about this new blog, I have received a number of emails about possible reunions. We do have a page with some small reunion photos, but most people are looking for something bigger.

Our cousin Richard Harvey writes:

“For some time I have been wondering if there is interest in a re-union of Hirschlands in Essen – it would take a year or so to plan. Is anyone interested, perhaps for 2014?”

Another cousins, Alice Moore (of the Hirschland Villa line– to be transferred over to WordPress soon), writes:

“I think a reunion would be a wonderful event! One consideration would be to meet in a central location, perhaps Chicago? For most that would probably be only one leg of an airplane trip. If it is held anywhere in the US I hope to be there. Maybe Essen one day?”

I think part of the problem here is that we have so many Hirschlands in the US and so many in the UK that the location for a reunion is a difficult issue. Essen is a natural, but it may be hard for many to make that journey. And we need a volunteer to organize all this.
Peter Grunebaum added his thought:
That would be a grand idea. I recently agreed to join the Board of the Folkwang Museum in Essen. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it but it has had our family support practically since its founding. As a matter of fact, if you look at our website, you’ll find a photo taken last summer at the entrance to the museum’s Hirschland Saal (meeting room) which could serve as a venue for a get together! I was there because I took my grandchildren on a short German tour to introduce them to a bit of their heritage.
I see centers for smaller reunions including Chicago, Boston, New York area, London, and probably someplace in Israel. We did a gathering in LA last year and more than 20 family members showed up.
Would love to have comments here on reunions big and small.

One thought on “Reunion possiblities

  1. A note from Peter Levitt, a frequent contributor to this blog, to Richard Harvey

    Your idea of a reunion in Essen sounds a great idea. Please count Sheena and me in.

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