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From Victoria

Though we do not yet have stories from the other members of our family that took up residence in South America.  I understand from the Nathans that their family textile business included a branch in Buenos Aires. I have also been told that some of the banking members of the family had offices in that area. A look at the Hirschland Map shows that we have identified records of family member in Brazil, Argentina, and Chili. Yet we have not been in touch with most of them, and would love to hear their stories.

Recently, Daniel received an email from a family member of Kurt Rosenbaum, a Communist party member of the German Reichstag. Although it was thought that he disappeared in 1937, Daniel was told that Kurt and his wife had actually emigrated to Bolivia in 1943.

From Sigrun: Kurt Rosenbaum,  was the husband of my father’s aunt ( Hedwig Steiner, during the war she had the name : Sarah Rosenbaum). In 1942 she traveled alone (Tran-Siberian Railway, then by ship across the Pacific) to Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her husband Kurt Rosenbaum followed her, maybe 1 year later. They lived in Cochabamba with other Germans  cannot tell you whatwork they did for living. I only can tell you, that Kurt Rosenbaum lived safely in Cochabamba. The couple later divorced.  They had no children.


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  1. Good day,
    Through the photo of Kurt Rosenbaum on Daniel Kester’s website, I became aware of the open questions about his whereabouts. Because I have exactly the same photo of his wife, Hedwig Sara Rosenbaum, my great aunt.
    I have photos, all of which were developed / taken in the photo shop of Alfred Eisenstaedt in Cochabamba, which depict Kurt Rosenbaum and her, life, the locals and the place Cochabamba. I also have a photo of Kurt Rosenbaum’s tomb (July 21, 1946 or 1949, that’s hard to see). Kurt and Hedwig Rosenbaum lived on selling chickens and raising turkeys.
    After Kurt Rosenbaum’s death, Hedwig Sara Rosenbaum moved to La Paz with a German widower from Cochabamba and his two sons. There Hedwig Rosenbaum divorced Kurt Rosenbaum and married Mr. Gent, the new man. After the second husband died, my great aunt, Hedwig Gent, returned to Germany / Essen in the early 1970s.
    I know from stories from my older sister that there was regular contact with her sisters who had been expelled from Schlesien/Breslau in 1945. I rarely met her personally. Only when she was very old and living in a senior citizen’s apartment did I have frequent contact. My knowledge of her and Kurt Rosenbaum’s escape is information from a short conversation.
    Inside, or maybe not in front of us children, there was never any talk about life and the escape from Germany or the eviction of the sisters from Silesia / Breslau. Aunt Hedwig died in Essen in January 1994 and is buried there anonymously.
    To improve the data: Kurt Rosenbaum left in 1938, I cannot tell you the route, Germany. A passport photo from September 30, 1938, taken in Leipzig, shows Kurt Rosenbaum and is one of the photos of my great aunt.
    Hedwig Sara Rosenbaum followed him to Bolivia, Cochabamba in 1939. She said she traveled all the way to America on the Trans-Siberian Railway and by ship. She also managed to continue on the ship down the coast to South America.

    You are welcome to contact me

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